Municipal Bond Insurance on TMC

Users of TMC, the electronic trading platform of TMC Bonds LLC, can add both AGM and MAC secondary-market bond insurance to eligible bonds they upload to TMC or purchase.  On TMC, more than 9,500 pre-approved credits are already approved for single-click access to insurance from AGM, MAC or both companies, and we continue to expand the pre-approved list for each company.

Our insurance is available on this platform for any pre-approved name that trades over TMC, or for any pre-approved municipal bond credit that TMC members already hold, in minimum par amounts of $50,000. If insurance is available for a bond traded on TMC, it will be indicated on the TMC screen, and members can also search for specific issues by CUSIP.

Trading on TMC is anonymous, with TMC the counterparty on every trade.  Founded in 2000 by major financial institutions, TMC counts among its owners units of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi Global Markets, Morgan Stanley, as well as Assured Guaranty. For more information about TMC, visit

In addition to our TMC program, our secondary market desk provides telephone quotes for larger transactions.