Environmental & Social Responsibility

As a financial guarantor, Assured Guaranty Ltd. (“AGL” and, together with its subsidiaries, “Assured Guaranty”) plays a valuable role in the building of the nation’s schools, infrastructure, utilities, hospitals and other essential public works projects. For more than three decades, we have helped municipalities lower the financing cost of projects, some with environmental benefits, including mass transit systems, photovoltaic solar plants, sustainable water management facilities, and more energy-efficient schools and hospitals. Some of these financings are specifically intended to give communities the funds they need to help meet their own environmental objectives or to comply with federal and state environmental regulations.

Environmental Stewardship:

As a company, Assured Guaranty acknowledges its environmental responsibility. Our statements on Environmental Policy, Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship describe how we integrate a strategy of sustainability into the offices where we work, and the way we work.

We recognize the importance of a healthy environment to the global community, our business and our people. We are committed to understanding, managing and mitigating the risks to our business associated with environmental issues and to operating our business in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Our core values help shape the policies and practices that define our commitment to sustainability, and we seek to manage risk with a long-term view. We recognize that the way we choose to operate our business has an environmental and social impact.

Social Responsibility:

We maintain a strong commitment to improving the communities we serve by helping to lower the cost for local, state, sub-sovereign and sovereign governments to fund vital infrastructure projects. For example, we guarantee financings that benefit public and private school systems, universities, teaching hospitals and medical institutions throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Assured Guaranty also believes in giving back – in strengthening our communities through corporate philanthropy, volunteering, and encouraging employees to contribute to the causes they care about. We believe our commitment to Social Responsibility helps Assured Guaranty to have A Stronger Bond with our clients, partners and employees, and makes us a stronger company. Our expression A Stronger Bond stands for the connections we have to the communities we serve. We believe our commitment to social responsibility embodies those ideals. We have published a Human Rights statement that addresses our social responsibility in a global context and published a Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

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