Assured Guaranty has issued or guaranteed many types of securities owned by institutional and individual investors in the U.S. and the world.

The financial information you need to evaluate your specific security varies depending on the type of the security and the company that issued or guaranteed it. To help you find the information you need, please review the following to verify what type of security you own and select the appropriate heading to reach relevant information:


Assured Guaranty Ltd. has issued common shares that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "AGO".




Assured Guaranty's subsidiaries have directly issued several different outstanding debt securities.  Assured Guaranty Ltd. has guaranteed all of these debt securities. You can find specific information about each issue as well as financial information on its guarantor or issuer in the Debt section of our website.

Additionally, Assured Guaranty Inc. (AG) and Assured Guaranty Municipal (AGM) have entered into committed capital securities agreements with certain special purpose trusts that issued committed capital securities. The Sutton Capital Trusts granted AGM and the Woodbourne Capital Trusts granted AG put options that, if exercised, would require each trust to liquidate a portion of its assets in order to purchase preferred stock of AGM or AG, respectively. Neither of these transactions is guaranteed by Assured Guaranty Ltd. Instead, each preferred stock issue that might be issued under these securities would be the specific obligation of AGM or AG.

You can find specific information about each issue as well as financial information on its guarantor or issuer in the Debt section of our website.


Insured Municipal Bonds

AGM and AG have insurance in force on municipal bonds owned by both institutional and individual investors. You can find information about the financial strength and capital resources of the company backing your specific bond in this section.


Insured Structured Finance

Although both AGM and AG have insured asset-backed securities and other structured financings in the past, only AG insures U.S. structured financings today. Please consult the Insured Structured Finance section if you have or are considering an investment in a structured finance obligation guaranteed by an Assured Guaranty company.


Insured Infrastructure

Most of the guarantees Assured Guaranty underwrites on infrastructure bonds are provided by AGM or its European subsidiaries, Assured Guaranty UK Limited (AGUK) and Assured Guaranty (Europe) SA (AGE). The Insured Infrastructure section can help guide you to find the Assured Guaranty company that insured the bond you own or are considering owning.

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