Reinsurance and Specialty Insurance

Companies throughout the insurance industry use reinsurance to manage their exposures more efficiently and expand their capacity to write new policies. While many reinsurers serve the life and property/casualty sectors, Assured Guaranty Re Ltd. (AG Re) and its indirect subsidiary Assured Guaranty Re Overseas Ltd. (AGRO) have the resources, specialized knowledge and corporate commitment to offer reinsurance for financial guarantees as well as other types of reinsurance and specialty insurance.

Two areas of focus for AGRO are transactions in the aircraft and life insurance sectors. 

Aircraft Residual Value Insurance (RVI)

Providing an alternative source of RVI cover in an aircraft market where RVI capacity has been limited, AGRO offers commercial aircraft RVI cover to institutional investors both on a direct basis and as reinsurance. It offers both aggregate cover and individual line size. Coverage is available for modern, in production, in demand, wide-body aircraft that have deep operator bases and high mission flexibility.

Reinsurance for Life Insurance Portfolios

As life insurers confront their increasingly rigorous internal and regulatory capital requirements, AGRO offers them tools for achieving more efficient use of capital.  Extending Assured Guaranty’s long history of helping life insurers successfully meet their capital efficiency and risk management goals, AGRO can help develop Regulation XXX/AXXX reserve financing platforms, risk-based capital and Solvency II capital relief programs, and other applications of reinsurance for large and medium-sized life insurers and reinsurers.


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Reinsurance Contacts

  • Gary Burnet
  • President
  • Assured Guaranty Re Ltd.
  • Assured Guaranty Re Overseas Ltd.
  • 1 441 279 5712
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