AGM provides financial guaranty insurance exclusively for U.S. municipal bonds and international infrastructure financings. AGM’s London-based subsidiary, Assured Guaranty UK Limited (AGUK), is our principal underwriter for the U.K. market. AGM’s France-based subsidiary, Assured Guaranty (Europe) SA (AGE), serves markets within the European Union (EU).

Formerly known as Financial Security Assurance Inc. (FSA), AGM became an Assured Guaranty company in July 2009.  Operating since 1985 and headquartered in New York, AGM is the largest company in the Assured Guaranty family of companies based on net par outstanding and statutory claims-paying resources. AGM today insures only municipal bonds and infrastructure transactions, although prior to August 2008 it also insured structured finance transactions. We are committed to maintaining AGM’s focus on municipal and infrastructure business, and its structured finance exposures are running off as existing insured transactions mature or amortize.

Bonds insured by AGM are obligations of AGM solely, and are not obligations of, or guaranteed or otherwise supported by, Assured Guaranty Ltd. or any of its other subsidiaries.

In addition, AGM entered into agreements with the Sutton Capital Trusts, which issued committed capital securities to institutional investors.  The Sutton Capital Trusts granted AGM put options that, if exercised, would require each trust to liquidate a portion of its assets in order to purchase AGM preferred stock. 

For additional information or questions about AGM, please contact Investor Relations.

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