Assured Guaranty (NYSE: AGO) is the leading provider of financial guaranty insurance.

We guarantee scheduled principal and interest payments when due on municipal, public infrastructure and structured financings.  For nearly four decades, in the United States and select markets around the world, we have been committed to protecting debt holders from payment defaults and to helping issuers obtain cost-efficient access to capital.  We also provide reinsurance to the financial guaranty industry.

Investor information on Assured Guaranty and its subsidiaries can be found in this section of the website organized:

By Company

Assured Guaranty provides detailed financial information on a consolidated basis for Assured Guaranty Ltd., the parent holding company for the group, as well as for each of its principal operating subsidiaries, Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. (AGM), Assured Guaranty Inc. (AG) and Assured Guaranty Re Ltd. (AG Re). For information on additional Assured Guaranty companies, please contact Investor Relations at for assistance.

Please Note:  Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. (AGM) is expected to merge into Assured Guaranty Inc. (AG) in August 2024, with AG as the surviving company.  For more on the AGM/AG merger, follow these links:   
►  Press Release
►  Presentation       
►  Q&A

By Security

Assured Guaranty companies have insured U.S. municipal bonds, structured finance transactions, and international infrastructure financings.  Additionally, obligations of CIFG Assurance North America, Inc. (CIFG) and Radian Asset Assurance Inc., which were both acquired by and merged into AG, are now obligations of AG.

Assured Guaranty Ltd. and its subsidiaries have issued a wide range of securities, including common equity and debt.

Additionally, AG and AGM have entered into committed capital securities agreements with certain special purpose trusts that issued committed capital securities. The Sutton Capital Trusts granted AGM, and the Woodbourne Capital Trusts granted AG, put options that, if exercised, would require each trust to liquidate a portion of its assets in order to purchase preferred stock of AGM or AG, respectively.

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