Assured Guaranty’s subsidiaries have directly issued seven different outstanding debt securities.  Assured Guaranty Ltd. has guaranteed all of these debt securities.  Select a link below for specific information about an issue, or click here for financial information on the guarantor.

Additionally, AGC and AGM have entered into committed capital securities agreements with certain special purpose trusts that issued committed capital securities.  The Sutton Capital Trusts granted AGM and the Woodbourne Capital Trusts granted AGC  put options that, if exercised, would require each trust to liquidate a portion of its assets in order to purchase preferred stock of AGM or AGC, respectively.  Neither of these transactions is guaranteed by Assured Guaranty Ltd.  Instead, each preferred stock issue that might be issued under these securities would be the specific obligation of AGM or AGC.

Debt Securities

5.000% Sr. Notes due 2024

7.00% Sr. Notes due 2034

6 7/8% Bonds (AGO PrB)

6.25% Notes (AGO PrE)

5.60% Notes (AGO PrF)

6.40% Jr. Sub. Debenture (AGMH)

6.40% Jr. Sub. Debenture (AGUS) Floating Rate

Committed Capital Securities

Sutton Capital Trusts

Woodbourne Capital Trusts