6 7/8% Bonds (AGO PrB)


Assured Guaranty Municipal Holdings Inc. 6-7/8% $100MM Quarterly Interest Bonds due 2101

CUSIP:  04623A205

Ticker:  AGOPRB

Corporate issuer:  Assured Guaranty Municipal Holdings Inc.

Guaranteed by:  Assured Guaranty Ltd.

Par/denomination:  $25

Coupon or dividend rate:  $1.71875 per $25

                                         6.875% per annum

Coupon or dividend record date: close of business on the last day of month preceding payment date (Feb 28, May 31, Aug 30, Nov 29 for 2013)

                              payable date:  Mar 15, June 15, Sept 15 and Dec 15

                              ex-date (if any): two business days prior to record date

Issue date: 12/19/2001

Maturity: 12/15/2101

Call date/terms: 12/19/2006 at $25 (par), plus accrued and unpaid interest

Prospectus (pdf)

Please note information in the prospectus or prospectus supplement is current only as of the date of the document; for more current information, please see Financial Information for Assured Guaranty Ltd. and AGM or AGC, as applicable, and Assured Guaranty’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.