Insured Structured Finance

For help determining which Assured Guaranty company guaranteed a particular structured finance obligation, please review the information below.  For information on whether AGM or AGC guaranteed a specific issue, please consult our Structured Finance Transaction List under Additional Information on the AGL Financial Information page or contact our Investor Relations department.


AGM ceased writing new structured finance policies in August 2008, although insurance is still in effect on outstanding transactions insured prior to August 2008.  As a result, any structured finance obligations guaranteed since August 2008 are obligations of AGC and not of AGM.  Investors in pre-2009 structured finance transactions should consult the offering memorandum or prospectus to confirm if AGM or AGC is the guarantor of their bonds.  For the latest financial information on AGM, click here.


AGC has insured structured finance transactions since 2003 and today is the lead company of the Assured Guaranty family of companies for insuring U.S. and global structured finance transactions.  Issuers of and investors in any insured financings issued since August 2008 should evaluate AGC’s financial information.  Please consult the offering memorandum or prospectus on transactions issued prior to August 2008 to confirm whether AGC or AGM insured a specific issue.  For the latest financial information on AGC, click here

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