Public-Private Partnerships

Our infrastructure finance team has extensive experience in PFI/PPP project financings and other essential infrastructure financings with private-sector involvement. We offer credit enhancement solutions at various stages in a project's life -- at commencement or any stage after construction begins.

PFI/PPP projects typically involve a government-awarded concession to a consortium of contractors responsible for designing and building or refurbishing the project, then operating it under a long-term agreement. Project revenues allow recoupment of financing costs and ongoing compensation to the developers and operators.

Assured Guaranty analyzes each transaction in detail, with particular attention to the allocation of construction and operating risks, and then applies its 100% guaranty, greatly simplifying the investment decision and broadening the base of potential investors. When we guarantee a new transaction, we are committed for the life of the financing, allowing bond issues that are better attuned to both the concession length (as long as 30 years or sometimes more) and the needs of investors, like pension funds, seeking to match long-term liabilities.

In addition to PFI/PPP financings, we guarantee other types of structures, such as debt issues of private companies operating airports under long-term government leases.

Major Insurable Infrastructure Sectors


  • Toll and shadow roads
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Rail or bus systems
  • Airports

Educational facilities

Government accommodation

Health care facilities

Social housing

Convention centers and stadiums