Public Finance

William J. Hogan Senior Managing Director, Public Finance

Christopher Chafizadeh Senior Managing Director, Municipal Markets

Bernard Bailey Managing Director, Marketing

James Binette Managing Director, Eastern Region

Richard Cassata Managing Director, Secondary Market

Jason Falzon Managing Director, Pricing and Market Research

Randall Gerardes Managing Director. Marketing

Jason Kissane Managing Director, Western Region and Higher Education

Gregory Larson Managing Director, Marketing

George Mulry Managing Director, Marketing

Leigh Nader Managing Director, Healthcare

Lorne Potash Managing Director, Infrastructure Finance, Americas

Michael Walker Managing Director, Marketing

Structured Finance

Nicholas J. Proud Senior Managing Director

Steven Kahn Senior Managing Director / Co-Head Structured Finance

Daniel S. Bevill Senior Managing Director / Co-Head Structured Finance

Jeffrey Farron Managing Director

Steven Tremblay Managing Director


Nicholas J. Proud Senior Managing Director

Dominic Nathan Managing Director, European Infrastructure Finance


Gary Burnet President, Assured Guaranty Re Ltd.

Asset Management

David A. Buzen Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Assured Investment Management, and Chief Investment Officer and Head of Asset Management, Assured Guaranty

Credit Underwriting

Stephen Donnarumma Chief Credit Officer

James Doyle Credit Officer, Public Finance

Peter Cardinale Credit Officer, Structured Finance

Gustavo Lopez Senior Vice President, Chief Economist

Risk Management

Howard W. Albert Chief Risk Officer


Russell B. Brewer II Chief Surveillance Officer

Holly Horn Chief Surveillance Officer, Public Finance

Errol Uhr Chief Surveillance Officer, Structured Finance

Jorge A. Gana Senior Managing Director


Alfonso Pisani Managing Director and Treasurer

Information Technology

Chris Gibbons Chief Technology Officer

Kirk Edmunds Chief Information Officer


Ling Chow General Counsel and Secretary

Richard Bauerfeld Deputy General Counsel, Corporate

William Duffy Deputy General Counsel, Regulatory

Kevin J. Lyons Deputy General Counsel, Public Finance

Edward M. Newman Deputy General Counsel, Global Structured Finance and Infrastructure

Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Robert S. Tucker Senior Managing Director

Human Resources

Ivana M. Grillo Senior Managing Director

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