Closing Documents

Disclosure Information for Use in Preparing Official Statements

The most recent disclosure information regarding each of our two insurance platforms is available below for bond counsel, financial advisors and printers in the preparation of official statements and other transaction documents for insured transactions.  All disclosure information relating to Assured Guaranty Corp. or Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. must be reviewed and approved by the Assured Guaranty legal department prior to printing a preliminary or final official statement.

Use of the disclosure information, specimen policies, or logos is subject to our prior authorization. Any other use is prohibited. Please see the Terms of Website Use for additional information.

Please make certain you select the appropriate materials for the company insuring your transaction.

For Assured Guaranty Corp.

Assured Guaranty Corp. Disclosure (Microsoft Word version)

Assured Guaranty Corp. Disclosure (Adobe Acrobat format)

Assured Guaranty Corp. Policy Specimen (Adobe Acrobat format)

For Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp.

Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. Disclosure (Microsoft Word version)

Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. Disclosure (Adobe Acrobat format)

Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. Policy Specimen (Form 500 NY) (Adobe Acrobat format)



Stadium Project Senior & Subordinate Revenue Bonds
Series 2023A & B


The Sports Authority of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County





Capital Improvement and Refunding Bonds
Series 2023B
(Unlimited Tax General Obligation)


City of Lansing, MI


JUNE 2023

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